The Pin Cushion

The Pin Cushion

You came to play, but not everyone understands your concept of "fun".


This unforgettable collar is not for the faint of heart. Its supple oil-tanned leather has been pierced all the way around with surgical steel barbells terminating in dangerously sharp cone spikes. Show everyone you're not afraid of a little poke.



  • Rating

    Fashion Accessory - Not recommended for heavy play. However, giving the O ring a slight tug can cause the cause the spikes to dig slightly into the wearer's neck (if that's something you're into). 

    The spikes on the ends of the curved barbells are super glued to ensure they never fall off.

  • Materials

    Leather: Oil tanned

    O ring: Nickle plated steel

    Rivets: Nickle plated steel

    Buckle: Nickle plated brass

    Barbells: Surgical stainless steel